Maia Kuze has teamed up with popular Toronto jazz pianist Rick Maltese and their duo is currently performing in various local venues and for corporate private events in the greater Toronto area. Their brand of smooth jazz pop and R & B has wide audience appeal, and for larger venues with a dance floor, they bring in bass and drums.

Soulful smooth jazz-pop and R&B singer Maia Kuze is not easily defined. She has been on stages across Canada, the USA and Europe. Influenced by Ella Fitzgerald, Edith Piaf, Diana Krall and others, Maia’s impassioned voice is reminiscent of old-school sophisticated jazz and R&B. Maia’s six CDs: Dreamlight (1999), Love’s Night (2000), Under the Skin (2002), The City (2005), Reflections (2011).

Contact:  SMK Productions   416-420-3386

Email:  info@maiakuze.ca    and   rick@rickmaltesemusic.com